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Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Shiofuki Queen" Hotaru Akane

Hotaru Akane. Check out a
nice video
Have you ever heard of the "Shiofuki Queen" Hotaru Akane? Well, if you have never heard of her, you might have watched one of her videos. And if you haven't watched one of her videos, then I'm sorry, you've missed one of the best porn actresses of the last decade. It's time you made the acquaintance of the "Squirting Queen."

Squirting is not very common in Western porn, but it is in Japanese porn. Why are men so fascinated by female ejaculation? Perhaps it's because it's a proof that the woman is having fun. Squirters are usually the naughtiest girls.

Hotaru Akane began the trend of squirting videos. And she is one of the best ejaculators I've ever seen on screen. She says that she used to drink a whole bottle of water - especially Pocari Sweat

If you watch one of her videos you'll love her sweet, naughty smile, her fit body and her wonderful squirts. Unfortunately, she retired in 2008. Now she mostly engages in public awareness programmes.  

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