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Friday, 2 November 2012

Hypnotized Orgasm. How to induce an orgasm by just touching a girl

Hypnosis - what do you think when you hear this word? 

I think of a scene from an old Sherlock Holmes film with Basil Rathbone: The Woman in Green. A beautiful female hypnotist invites a rich man to her home. She flirts with him. But she is not looking for a one-night-stand. Her scheme is much more wicked. Her maid puts on relaxing music. On the table opposite to them there's a big metal bowl filled with water, flowers swimming on the surface. 

She talks to her guest in a slow, soothing tone. With her finger she gently stirs up the water. The petals move in circles. The man fixes his eyes on the water. Within a few seconds he's been hypnotized.

The woman is an accomplice of Professor Moriarty's, who kills, cuts off his victims' fingers and puts them into the hypnotized people's pocket. He makes them believe they're the actual murderers and blackmails them.

To me, hypnotism has always been a quackery. I never believed in it. But I recently found out that hypnotism really works. There was a woman who'd never had an orgasm in her whole life. Why's that? I believe it's because she had no confidence in her beauty and during sex was always worried if her boyfriend really liked her. The problem is that some men like sex better if the woman enjoys it. It was a vicious circle. 

One day, after breaking up with her boyfriend, she tried a strange group therapy. "Orgasm through hypnotism". And it worked. After she'd been hypnotized, the simple touch of another woman's hand made her squirt. Check out this video.

If you have any experience with hypnotized orgasms, please leave a comment below: )


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