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Friday, 19 October 2012

Welcome to my House of Secret Dreams

My friends, welcome to my House of Secret Dreams!

First of all I would like to tell you why and for what purpose I created this blog. As a hostess and entrepreneur who has been in the sex business for many years I decided to create a platform where I can interact with other people from all around the world and discuss about subjects related to myself, my career, my books and in general about two of the things that I dare say make up the biggest part of my life: love and sex. 

I use these two words separately, because I don't think they're synonymous. To me, love still remains the highest aspiration. But love is not something you choose to have. It is bestowed upon you by forces outside of your control. I haven't experienced it yet, so I console myself through the pursuit of simple sexual pleasure. Which is not bad at all!

Thanks to my Asian background, I have never felt any sense of shame at living my sexuality openly. My parents were Buddhists and - unlike Christians in the West - they never associated ideas of sin or evil with sex. My father kept porn magazines at home - he didn't even bother to hide them properly. And I had classmates who worked as prostitutes to buy brand clothes. You may think it good or bad, I do not judge them.

I am one of those lucky girls who have a vaginal orgasm, which means I come very easily. In my whole life I remember only a few times where I didn't have a climax during sex, and that was either because the man was extremely lousy in bed or because I was too tired or a little bit sick. I'd say that 99% of the times I have one or two orgasms, and men really love to have sex with me because they feel I am not acting.

That is probably the reason why sex for me is a passion of life and why I can enjoy it so much. 

In my books I share with you my dreams, my thoughts and my experiences. I also tell you stories about people who asked me to do so. 

I hope I can share with you and that you will be kind enough to read my posts and share with me your thoughts and dreams.


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