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Friday, 2 November 2012

Hypnotized Orgasm. How to induce an orgasm by just touching a girl

Hypnosis - what do you think when you hear this word? 

I think of a scene from an old Sherlock Holmes film with Basil Rathbone: The Woman in Green. A beautiful female hypnotist invites a rich man to her home. She flirts with him. But she is not looking for a one-night-stand. Her scheme is much more wicked. Her maid puts on relaxing music. On the table opposite to them there's a big metal bowl filled with water, flowers swimming on the surface. 

She talks to her guest in a slow, soothing tone. With her finger she gently stirs up the water. The petals move in circles. The man fixes his eyes on the water. Within a few seconds he's been hypnotized.

The woman is an accomplice of Professor Moriarty's, who kills, cuts off his victims' fingers and puts them into the hypnotized people's pocket. He makes them believe they're the actual murderers and blackmails them.

To me, hypnotism has always been a quackery. I never believed in it. But I recently found out that hypnotism really works. There was a woman who'd never had an orgasm in her whole life. Why's that? I believe it's because she had no confidence in her beauty and during sex was always worried if her boyfriend really liked her. The problem is that some men like sex better if the woman enjoys it. It was a vicious circle. 

One day, after breaking up with her boyfriend, she tried a strange group therapy. "Orgasm through hypnotism". And it worked. After she'd been hypnotized, the simple touch of another woman's hand made her squirt. Check out this video.

If you have any experience with hypnotized orgasms, please leave a comment below: )


Thursday, 1 November 2012

"Shiofuki Queen" Hotaru Akane

Hotaru Akane. Check out a
nice video
Have you ever heard of the "Shiofuki Queen" Hotaru Akane? Well, if you have never heard of her, you might have watched one of her videos. And if you haven't watched one of her videos, then I'm sorry, you've missed one of the best porn actresses of the last decade. It's time you made the acquaintance of the "Squirting Queen."

Squirting is not very common in Western porn, but it is in Japanese porn. Why are men so fascinated by female ejaculation? Perhaps it's because it's a proof that the woman is having fun. Squirters are usually the naughtiest girls.

Hotaru Akane began the trend of squirting videos. And she is one of the best ejaculators I've ever seen on screen. She says that she used to drink a whole bottle of water - especially Pocari Sweat

If you watch one of her videos you'll love her sweet, naughty smile, her fit body and her wonderful squirts. Unfortunately, she retired in 2008. Now she mostly engages in public awareness programmes.  

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why are Taiwanese girls so hot? - the secret of Taiwan beauty

Image owned by
 Once I read a blog in which a mainland Chinese girl asked: "Why are all Taiwanese girls so pretty?"

Well, of course, not all of them are pretty. There are, however, astoundingly many. If you've ever been to Taipei you might have been shocked by the number of hot girls going around here. And if you've ever been to a night club, for example in Zhongxiao Fuxing or Taipei City Hall, then you - and by you, I mean you foreign guy - might have deemed yourself in paradise.

So, what's the secret of Taiwanese girls? Has the weather or their DNA bestowed upon them unmatched beauty? It would be great it were so. But the story is quite different.

I have an English friend, I'l call him James. He came to Taiwan to teach English, and as many foreigners he also ended up going to night clubs every week. At first he may have done that out of loneliness. Yet as soon as he got there and saw the crowds of hotties eager to talk to 'white guys', he became pretty much addicted to Taipei's nightlife.

James isn't particularly handsome. He is tall and gaunt build, and his face is thin and long. He has a butch haircut and a small nose. His eyes, themselves not very big, appear even bigger behind thick-lenses, thick-frame glasses which give him a nerdy look. He's a nice and sweet guy, but quite shy. Definitely not the kind of person who is very successful with women in Europe.

To his surprise, he soon discovered that in Taiwan girls find him attractive. He's white, exotic and speaks English. Often this is enough for a Taiwanese girl to start chasing after a guy. They were not only hot and nice: they were pretty fast, too. On his second night in a club he was chatted up by a cute Taiwanese.

It was Halloween. A wild party was going on. Career women and students, tired of a long and exhausting Asian-style working week wanted to relax and enjoy themselves. He was sitting at the bar drinking a beer. By European standards, he looked like a loser. Suddenly, a girl talked to him. She was tall, had a slim waist, long slender legs and smooth light skin. Her face was long, with full lips, cat-like slant eyes and long black hair. She was wearing a Super Mario costume: a low-cut, tight-fitting, sleeveless blue top with red races, a red Polka mini-skirt, red and blue socks that reached to her knees, high-heel shoes and on top of her head a red Super Mario hat. He started talking to him, asking him questions such as: 'are you single?', 'do you like Asian girls?' and so on. Every now and then she touched his arm and shoulder. James couldn't believe she was flirting so openly. After an hour they went to her flat.

James and Super Mario got together. She had probably been after a foreign boyfriend from the outset. One morning the inevitable happened. She woke up and removed her make-up. That was the moment when James realized one thing. Beauty in Taiwan is relative. Without long eyelashes, face powder and contact lenses that made her eyes look bigger, her face was completely different. She wasn't pretty at all. Poor James was shocked.

Following the Japanese fashion, in Taiwan make-up has developed into an art of its own. In a society obsessed with beauty (a girl might be rebuked by her boss if she shows up at work without make-up  because it's considered rude) girls who don't like how they look like try to improve their appearance with the help of cosmetics. Their technique is often so sophisticated that they are unrecognizable. The following video, taken from a popular Taiwanese TV show, will illustrate what I mean.

James and Super Mario are still a couple. But he doesn't seem very happy. After getting what she wanted she stopped wearing make-up when she's with him. I got the impression that he doesn't like her and one day they'll break up.

Is it such a good idea to hide your real face behind a mask, after all? 



Thursday, 25 October 2012

Prostitute found dead in her Hong Kong flat

Concerns over the safety of prostitutes in Hong Kong rise after the naked body of a mainland Chinese prostitute was found dead on the 24th of October in a subdivided flat in Yau Ma Tei, in the South of the Kowloon peninsula, Hong Kong. Her body had suffered multiple wounds to her neck.

The purpose of the murder seemed to have been money. Thousands of dollars were stolen from her flat. The police suspect she had been killed while trying to prevent the theft.

The police were called by a neighbour who had found the door of the flat half-open and the dead body of the victim lying on a mattress soaked in blood. It seems that the victim used to take her clients to a nearby sex hotel. However, she occasionally took clients home.

This is not the first murder of a prostitute in Hong Kong. On February 5 2009 a 24-year-old man was arrested for causing the death of a Thai prostitute. In 2008, as many as 36 prostitutes were murdered.

Prostitution in Hong Kong is legal, but not organised prostitution. Keeping a brothel, causing or procuring another to be a prostitute, living on the prostitution of others, or public solicitation are all illegal. Women often offer their service in so-called "massage parlours". More often they work in "one-woman brothels". 

The de facto semi-legal status of Hong Kong prostitutes is a cause for higher personal risks in dealing with customers and criminal activities. 


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Train sex party in Taiwan with 17-year-old girl

This story is old but I found it today, so I thought I'd share it with you.

According to the popular Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily a man surnamed Cai was arrested in February of this year for renting a train lounge where a sex party took place. 

A group of men, allegedly more than 20, performed a gang bang act with a 17-year-old girl. It seems that she did it willingly and was probably paid to do it. 

The men who engaged in the sex party were asked to pay 800 NTD each and use a condom.

One of the participants recounted that the men "met at the #3 entrance of the Taipei Train Station and were identified with money transfer receipts in their hands. Upon boarding the train, three men were involved in checking them and maintaining order, while two women distributed condoms and mouthwash.

Then the female participant (Xiao Yu, a pseudonym) appeared. At first there was awkwardness but within 5 minutes her clothes had been removed by the participants. Everyone was required to wear condoms. There were one or two men who watched but did not participate sexually."

During the trial that followed the arrest of the organizers of the sex party "Xiao Yu" admitted having engaged in sexual activities with at least 7-8 people, adding that she remembered the face of the first five, but was too tired to remember the faces of the others.

The 17-year old later expressed remorse for what she had done. 

Why did it have to be a 17-year-old girl? I wonder. They could have found an 18-year-old one and avoided all the trouble (well, but not the media coverage, I suppose).

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Endo Kosai and Red Envelopes

Night view of Ximending

One evening I was walking with an Austrian friend of mine in Ximending, one of the busiest shopping streets in Taipei. Ximending, which has its origins in the Japanese colonial era, was the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan and has become a meeting point especially for young people.
Every now and then my friend looked around with a somewhat shocked expression.
“What's wrong?” I asked him.
“Look at those girls,” he said. “They're dressed like hookers.”
He was surprised when I explained him that many of those girls were indeed hookers.
“I thought prostitution was illegal in Taiwan,” he remarked.
“It is,” I said. “However, a lot of young girls come here and offer their services to men.They want to earn some money. It is a strictly 'private' transaction. It's hard for the police to find out.”

Japanese school girl
Image courtesy of Danny Cho
Ximending has often been described as the Harajuku or Shibuya of Taipei. Famous for its fashion and (often Japanese-style) subculture it is a place that throbs with life, especially at night. It's one of the few areas in Taipei where you can see a street art culture like in London or Berlin. It is popular with young people. And it has one of the highest crime rates of the city. It is, in fact, the centre of Taiwan's prostitution industry and the illegal activities related to it.

Ximending has always been a peculiar place in the rather prude capital. In the 1950s it became known for its so-called 紅包場 or “Red envelope bars”. In Chinese culture “red envelopes” are used to put money in as a gift for children and, when children grow up and earn money, as a gift for their parents. After the end of the Chinese Civil War and the establishment of the temporary government of the Republic of China on Taiwanese soil, mainland soldiers frequented karaoke bars in Ximending. However, listening to the beautiful singers' performances wasn't enough for them. They began asking for “extra” services by giving the girls or the owners of the bars “red envelopes” with cash. Soon those bars turned into a hub of illegal prostitution and remained so until the 90s.

Traditions don't die easily. With prostitution banned, other forms of sex services arouse, fostered by the unlimited opportunities offered by the internet. The last innovation to appear on Taipei's sex scene has been imported from Japan. It is enjo kosai.

Enjo kosai means “compensated dating”. In Chinese it's called “援助交際(yuan2zhu4jiao1ji4), which means “intercourse aid”. A compensated date is the practice of paying girls to have a date with them. This might involve sex or not, depending on whether both parties consent to it after meeting each other. Most of the times it is elder men who request such services, but there are also many young guys who are thrilled by the perspective of dating a beautiful girl, hoping that something more might happen than just going out and drinking a coffee or tea.

I have a friend who works as a yuanjiaomei, a dating girl, in Ximending. She is a 19-year-old college student. The reason why she began doing that job is that she didn't have enough money to buy brand clothes and a smartphone. She joined several websites and began “hooking up” men online. This system is definitely safer than traditional prostitution. 

First of all, she doesn't have a pimp – and everyone knows that pimps might not always be the nicest guys in the world. Therefore, she has absolute control over how she trades with her body. Second, it is a date, which means that the man and the girl don't have sex immediately but usually meet in a neutral place, such as a coffee shop or a department store. At any stage of the date both parties can withdraw from the deal. If the man doesn't like the girl he can just talk to her for a few minutes and then leave. If the girl doesn't like the man, she can refuse to go with him.

Even if she likes him enough to go and have dinner or a drink with him, it doesn't mean she has to have sex. She does it only if she wants to. Of course, going out with strangers can always turn out to be a dangerous enterprise. In 2008, for instance, a 16-year-old yuanjiaomei from Hong Kong, Wong Ka-mui, was dismembered and her body parts were dumped in the sea by a man she had dated for cash. A terrifying story.

Is enjo kosai therefore a bad thing that society should condemn? Many people hastily come to the conclusion that it's because of increasing materialism or family issues that girls retort to compensated dating. As far as underage girls are concerned, I definitely agree that this phenomenon should be stopped. But what if a girl over 18?

Night view of Ximending
Well, my friend is happy with what she does. She has some extra money every month, and she doesn't feel filthy, as some puritans might assume.

In my view, as long as you are not compelled to do anything you don't want, selling your body is nothing exceptional. 

What do you think? Please leave a comment below if you want to.

I am quite interested in this phenomenon, that's why I am currently writing a book about it.

I wish all of you a nice day. Please comment and subscribe!


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Friday, 19 October 2012

Welcome to my House of Secret Dreams

My friends, welcome to my House of Secret Dreams!

First of all I would like to tell you why and for what purpose I created this blog. As a hostess and entrepreneur who has been in the sex business for many years I decided to create a platform where I can interact with other people from all around the world and discuss about subjects related to myself, my career, my books and in general about two of the things that I dare say make up the biggest part of my life: love and sex. 

I use these two words separately, because I don't think they're synonymous. To me, love still remains the highest aspiration. But love is not something you choose to have. It is bestowed upon you by forces outside of your control. I haven't experienced it yet, so I console myself through the pursuit of simple sexual pleasure. Which is not bad at all!

Thanks to my Asian background, I have never felt any sense of shame at living my sexuality openly. My parents were Buddhists and - unlike Christians in the West - they never associated ideas of sin or evil with sex. My father kept porn magazines at home - he didn't even bother to hide them properly. And I had classmates who worked as prostitutes to buy brand clothes. You may think it good or bad, I do not judge them.

I am one of those lucky girls who have a vaginal orgasm, which means I come very easily. In my whole life I remember only a few times where I didn't have a climax during sex, and that was either because the man was extremely lousy in bed or because I was too tired or a little bit sick. I'd say that 99% of the times I have one or two orgasms, and men really love to have sex with me because they feel I am not acting.

That is probably the reason why sex for me is a passion of life and why I can enjoy it so much. 

In my books I share with you my dreams, my thoughts and my experiences. I also tell you stories about people who asked me to do so. 

I hope I can share with you and that you will be kind enough to read my posts and share with me your thoughts and dreams.